Saturday, August 25, 2007

Till the End...(grade 6 graduation song, our composition)

Our memory is so powerful that no matter how far we go or how much change we experience in our lives, we shall always recall the various chapters which made our times of yore, oh-so colorful and worth cherishing...

TILL THE END - is a song which I, together with my buddy Rae Bautista, composed for our elementary graduation at St. Scholastica's Academy Marikina, year 1996. For the longest time, this memory of mine remained concealed and I almost forgot about this. But yesterday, out of the blue, it crossed my mind!

And so, after 11 long years, our song will have its debut posting on the world wide web.:) The song's a bit cheezy and so simple though, but hey, we were just kids then. I just hope this will inspire my batchmates to walk down memory lane and remember the good old days. :)

* Note: I am relying on my memory here for the lyrics for I can't seem to find an existing copy, my yearbook (which published the song with one missing line in the chorus ) got lost..haha

...composed by Rae Bautista and Golda Kristy Tabid, arranged by Ms. Lapresca (our Grade 6 Music teacher)...

I. I still recall when you taught me, Things about life and how things must go, And I thank you for being there for me

II. You were the star that guided me, You were the song that made me sing, I'll cherish you for the things you've done for me

I'll remember the times we shared together
I'll think of the day we'll meet again
Coz I know somehow, we grew as friends
And we will cherish this till the end

III. I know it's time to say good-bye, I know it's hard but we've got to go, There's just so much ahead we're just about to start

IV. The roads we'll take may be apart, But all we've shared are in my heart, There's just enough to keep me hopin' and copin' coz I know...

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Coz I know somehow we grew as friends, And we will cherish till, cherish this till, And we will cherish this till the end...

**There! I've done it! My memory didn't fail me, I still know the lyrics! (and of course, the melody, though I want it re-arranged...hehe)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Golda Almighty :)

Last night, Donald and I had the privilege of watching the advanced screening of the movie "Evan Almighty" at Robinsons Galleria (thanks to Kuya John and Ate Gemma J) In a nutshell, it is an ├╝ber funny movie about Evan Baxter, a newsman turned congressman who badly wants to change the world. His election meant moving his family to a new home, having a new car, and finding himself so immersed in his political responsibility, such as co-authoring a bill, thinking that he could, well, change the world. One night, with the prodding of his wife, he reluctantly asks God to help him carry out his noble goal. And then, one day, God appears to him and Evan is asked to literally build an ARK just as what Noah did in the Bible. Thinking that he is simply overstressed and that his imagination is just playing tricks on him, Evan attempts to brush the “holy encounter” off his mind, never mind if he comes face to face with God every now and then to remind him of the mission. Until one day, animals in pairs start to follow him wherever he goes, his hair and beard start to grow uncontrollably, he is reduced to donning a robe ala-Noah even during congressional meetings for whenever he refuses to do so, his existing clothes automatically shed off. His life suddenly turns upside down, with his political career and reputation on the verge of downfall and with no one, not even his own family, to understand him. But then again, despite being regarded as a lunatic, he is left with no option but to accept and accomplish the mission God has given him. Ultimately, Evan Baxter understands that reason for such mission. On the day that his work is finally done, the great dam in his place ruptures and as the raging waters flood through the land, the ARK saves the people and the animals from drowning. In the end, Evan emerges triumphant in the eyes of God, his family and all the people around him.

As for the rest of the details, well, I'm not telling because I want you to enjoy the movie as much as I did. Two thumbs up for the antics that made me roar with laughter. But beyond the hilarity and surrealism of it though, I would like to commend the movie for being able to actually make me re-think on what’s going on in my life and on my relationship with God.

Let me share to you two realities in my life that have been touched and shaken by the movie:


Personally, I am the type of person who is so obsessed with my plans - I want my career to be like this, I want to achieve that in an instant, and the list goes on and on- without even consulting God if my plans are His plans. And when the time comes that I fail in my endeavors and I find myself in a situation that is not so delightful to me, I question if God indeed knows what I am going through. But after watching the movie, I realized the following…

…When I pray for something like patience, God will not instantly grant me patience. Instead, He will provide me the opportunity to be patient. Expect that I will be placed in a situation that would put me to a test, like having to deal with difficult people, or perhaps, the fulfillment of my ambitions seems to be taking so long, or whatever, but then, with His grace, I will eventually learn how to practice such virtue….

… Oftentimes, my intellect does not have a full grasp of what God is doing in my life. As I strive to follow His words, I may find myself in circumstances which I think is of no good to me, in terms of career, reputation, relationship, etc. But as always, He never fails to make me realize that those I consider as sufferings are in one way or another for a good cause and that I always become triumphant in the end. Indeed, God knows best!...

…Even if at times, I feel that my efforts in doing good seem futile, I should not give up. So long as I strive to follow God, I will certainly reap a reward.



Amidst chaos, hardships and immorality, there will always be an Evan Baxter in me who would want to change the world, for the better of course. Sometimes this gets frustrating as I am unable to pull off humungous moves and drastically create a difference. But the movie served as a channel for God to speak to me that all I have to do is to follow Him and accept my mission to “build an ARK”, even if it would mean sacrificing my earthly pleasures, even if it would mean going against the world and my own will.

No, I do not need to literally put up a structure but “building an ARK” in fact symbolizes fostering Acts of Random Kindness for the sake of my fellowmen. It can be as simple as obeying my parents, caring for a troubled friend, assisting an old stranger, wholeheartedly serving in the youth ministry and so on and so forth. However small the kind gesture may be, it would surely create a spark that if it is habitually manifested, it would surely blaze the whole world with, nothing else but of course, kindness in the long run. And when that finally happens, I can humbly profess that with God’s blessing, I have truly changed the world.


There you go, I guess I have said enough, but don’t just take my word for it; it’s time for you to watch Evan Almighty for yourself! Trust me, you will not regret it! (So much for my promotion, this movie is not even ours haha...J)


I was browsing through friends' profiles and I chanced upon a friend whose primary photo is that of a newborn baby. Such bundle of joy is soooo cute even with her eyes still closed. She seems so delicate to touch and as if she is mine, I could actually imagine carrying her carefully and holding her lovingly and never parting with her til my last breath...

ok so that's a bit of exagerrated drama. haha.

But then, that's it, I've said the words..."as if she is mine"...I am reading between my own lines, and if you still don't get it, let me put it bluntly. I am actually exuding envy here because I want to have a baby too , as in right now, but I am reduced to mere imagination that I already have one.

Well, I am not yet really married (so much for the fake friendster status), that's the ultimate reason why I can't have a baby right now. Of course, I wouldn't want to have a baby before marriage, that would be against my principle. Besides, financially, I don't think I am 100% percent capable of supporting one.

But still, my longing to have a baby becomes more intense as time passes by. Oh how I wish to have a daughter/son whom I will care for and love unconditionally. I will watch her/him grow, I will provide for her/his needs, I will correct her/his mistakes and ensure that she/he grows up to be a God-fearing citizen of this nation. I will be the best mom she/he could ever have...

Oh well, at the moment, I guess I have to content myself with envisioning...and I just have to put up with this feeling of envy because other women have babies and I do not. As for me, soon...soon...a baby will be a reality...but when exactly?! I don't know and I need to stop myself from pondering on it too much or else I might lose my mind...

But I want a baby...I want a baby...ohm..ohm...ohm...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Laugh Trip with Harry Potter candy!:)

Last night, my siblings and I had one of those not-so-usual bonding moments. It was over "bertie bott's every flavor beans"...yes, it's the ever famous candy from the Harry Potter series and surprisingly, it has a real life version haha! It was given to me by Ate Mai from her US trip.:)

Initially, the selfish-me didn't want to share, the Harry-Potter-fanatic-me simply wanted to keep it as a memento, but the persistent-and-excited-me opened the candy box and gave me no option but to eat the contents. Wise move though because I realized that had I not shared it and finished everything instead, I would be vomiting for days and lose my appetite indefinitely.

You'd understand why, sure some flavors were acceptable (and even delicious), such as blueberry, buttered popcorn, cherry, cinnamon, grape, lemon drop, sausage, toasted marshmallow and my personal favorite- tutti fruitti, but then the rest are truly horrible, aaarghhh, black pepper, booger, dirt, earthworm, earwax, grass, pickle, rotten egg, sardine, soap, and vomit!

My siblings and I were laughing so hard trying the horrible flavors and imagining that we were actually eating the real thing, (yucky, I feel like throwing up just thinking of the gruesome flavors!)

Niko, my brother, literally vomitted when he tasted the vomit and rotten egg flavors. He shuddered with the idea of eating sardine-flavored candy, well according to him, sardine's ok, but as a candy?!!ewness!:)) As for me, swallowing the yucky flavors was definitely impossible to do, hence, the garbage plastic became the unwilling recipient of my (and my siblings') candy spits.:))

When my parents arrived from church, we decided to "make fun" of them hehe, by letting them taste the yucky flavors. My mom wasn't able to withstand it, she gave up after the vomit flavor, but my dad continued the fight. We turned it into a guessing game, asking my dad to have a taste first and then guess what's the flavor. Oh boy! It was truly a laugh trip for all of us especially with dad's reaction to the flavors.:))

Needless to say, last night was truly an unforgettable and yucky moment for all of us!:)

I wonder if such candy can be purchased here in the Philippines?hmm...:)) hahahha..:))

Monday, June 4, 2007

post YOUTH CAMP 2007 prayer :)

Dear God,

In behalf of the San Isidro Labrador Parish Youth Ministry core group and animators, thank You so much for making the Parish Youth Camp at Nangka Court last June 1-2 a success after what seemed like endless flowing of our blood and sweat (and money) just to prepare for the big event.:)

It was nearly postponed indefinitely due to lack of resources and manpower but we finally decided to push through with it before the summer's gone, by hook or by crook.:) We thought that more young people would be able to participate during the vacation, rather than during the overwhelming school days. [ reason for this is that they might not be allowed by their parents to partake in the youth camp, well...most parents (and the youth themselves) do not understand that spiritual affairs are just as important as academic ones...ya I know that's a different topic, I should write something about that in my future post :)]

Anyway, thank You God for guiding us through the 2-week preparation time. Thank You for the wisdom, strength and talents. Normally, an event like the camp would have been impossible to organize well with such short span of time but with Your help, we were able to make it!

Thank You Lord for the people who gave their all-out their support, our parish priest, Fr. Vanni, the Parish Pastoral Council headed by Tita Rose, Tito Zinx, who lent his LCD projector, Kuya Eric and the barangay people, Kuya Mel (for the speakers that were never used, so sorry po for that :)), to Rowee of Ampid and Noel of immaculate Heart Antipolo for teaching the animation, to the former PYM ate's and kuya's, to our friends esp. Fern, Timo, Patis who came and fulfilled their noble purpose, to our "lovers" (haha) who gave moral support, to our parents who never questioned our church work and to everyone whom I've failed to mention but will always be recipients of our sincere gratitude.

(NO THANKS by the way to the sound system people for such so-so performance and for asking for additional payment after agreeing with a certain amount before the event started!:()

Thank You God for bringing in 120+ young people (a number coming from neighboring parish Ampid:)), making us surpass our target number of participants. Though not everyone stayed til the Holy Eucharist the morning after, we fervently wish that somehow, they've realized what we want them to realize, that You love everyone so much despite the sufferings encountered in life.

Thank You God for giving us the opportunity to be of service to the young people of the parish through this youth camp. Our efforts may not be appreciated by some, we know that what we just accomplished is all for Your greater glory.

Personally, I'd like to thank You for the young people who responded to the call to become core group members and animators of the SILPYM, without them God, yours truly wouldn't be able to survive as coordinator.

Thank You God, thank You thank You! I can't thank You enough...we can't thank You enough.
Til next time God, we know You'll always be there for the young people of San Isidro Labrador Parish and beyond.:)


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Parang Nagseselos Ako...:)

Parang nagseselos ako.

[As much as I super duper (mega?) HATE to admit it...]

The problem is I don't know kung kanino.

I don't understand why I'm actually entertaining the feeling, when in fact my Dada's super loyal to me ( well, so far...) Probably, it's just the masochist in me that's imagining things and situations which could be so hurtful to me.

[As far as I know, I'm NEVER a selosa by nature!]

But still, parang nagseselos ako.

Could it be that I actually know her and I just wouldn't accept that she's the reason of this jealousy? Oh no! Aaargh!

Ever since, when it comes to matters of the heart, my instinct has always been right. I just wish this time, I'm wrong. I fervently pray that this is just a bad case of paranoia... or masochism... haha...

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Segue to

Yesterday, out of the blue, I checked out and found out that I'm still included in their roster of poets hehe.I can't even remember when I submitted my somewhat highschoolish poem (because I wrote it when I was in highschool, well that explains my description haha), all I know is that a century has passed since I last visited the website.But hey, SUNSET's still there.(SUNSET, by the way, is the title of my "masterpiece" haha). I thought they'd delete it as part perhaps of site maintenance or something since for sure, a lot better poems have been submitted after mine was published.

Anyway, it feels soooooo good typing my full name - GOLDA KRISTY TABID on the blank space below (or is it beside, hmm let me check again) SEARCH POET and upon clicking the search button, VOILA, my poem appears before my eyes!:)

In, one can rate the poems published in the site. Well, I gave mine a rating of TEN (10)! Of course, I love my own masterpiece, though as I've said SUNSET's a bit highschoolish ahehe.:)

So to poets out there, why not submit your poem to and feel the unexplainable joy of seeing your work online!

And to everyone reading this post, visit the site and search for my poem and if it isn't much disturbance, kindly give it the highest rating nyahahaha..:)) Thanks in advance!

Of Fairy Tales and Reality Check...Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a lil girl so promising that everyone was convinced that she'd conquer the world when she grows up and eventually live happily ever after...
But when she did grow up, she discovered what a lie it was for her fairy tale didn't come true and she didn't live happily ever after...
Well, that was what she thought...(to be continued)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Back from the grave haha

I'm exuberant to announce that at this very moment, I have the rare luxury of time. Tasks for the day were just petty ones, not to mention that I'm the only one left of the Marketing Dept. in the office today...(manager's out of town, colleagues found their own "sidetrips" haha) An hour more and I'd be out of the office so I'm kinda relaxing here haha, waiting for the clock's hand to strike 7:30pm.:)

Tempting as it is but I'd rather not enumerate here all the updates in my life since I got back from the grave haha. I might not be able to stop coz it's been a while since I've come up with something here, and since I'm a bit "O.C." I might not get contented with mere summary, I might force myself to put in all the details until my fingers get weary, until my eyesight becomes glassy, until the computer forcibly shut down on its own. And then I'd be more concerned with my writing than my dinner and I'd prefer staying at the office overnight to wrap up today's entry than go home early...waaa...
Ok, ok such account's a bit exaggerated, forgive me haha. Anyway, simply put, forget other updates, I only have one to tell you. I'm happily in love right now.If before all you can read in this blog are expressions of heartache, pain and loss, it's different this time...indeed, God has blessed me so much that He allowed me to still have faith in love despite all the unpleasant experiences I had.

My Dada used to be just a "KUYA" but as fate would have it, circumstances brought us together and we crossed the boundary of friendship and love. He came at such time when I was giving up on love. And I believe that everything's part of God's wonderful plan. He made me feel the chaotic and hurtful side of love that I may appreciate more the relationship I have now, along with every emotion that comes with it.
Surely, my 8 months (and still counting) with Dada is not all, I should say, "bed of roses". As I mentioned in my other blog (, I've encountered numerous thorns which made me bleed but I know, God-willing, and with our conscious effort to fight for our love despite all odds, we will survive and that we would be together for always.:)