Friday, April 15, 2011

The Ultimate Epitome of Cuteness...:)

'Twas in year 2007 when I posted this blog entry:

The ultimate epitome of CUTENESS..:)

Haven't seen them for a while but after some random surfing in the net, 
I chanced upon Forever Friends images, and now all I want to do is enter 
the monitor and hug these bears as tight as I could and be lost in 
their very own world of cuteness..:)

Four years later, the sentiment is pretty much the same. After 
another random surfing, a cute Forever Friends image popped 
into the screen and there I go again wanting to enter the monitor 
and hug these bears as tight as I could...awwwwww...the cuteness 
is overflowing, I simply am at loss for words.

Now, I don't get to see merchandise or physical displays of 
these cuties too often in the Philippines. Oh wait, on second 
thought, I haven't actually seen one for the longest time, AT ALL!
 I'm not even sure if the  kids of today could even relate to Forever Friends. :(

Thank God, I've discovered
the official Forever Friends site which I could visit everytime I want 
to have my fix of Forever Friends' cuteness overload. Moreover, I could 
send loved ones with cute FF cards, shop online for cute FF merchandise, 
download cute FF stuff like wallpaper, icons etc. , join fun games & contests 
and relive the cute history of how Forever Friends came to be.

And not only that, Forever Friends bears are on Facebook too! Well, 
you must have guessed by now that I've already LIKED 
Forever Friends Cute Bears Official Page.

And so for my 20-something year old self, Forever Friends bears 
remain to be a HAPPY reminiscence of my childhood and beyond.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cute Soda CAPccessories :D

This could pass for a cute and fashionable means to save Mother Earth - RECYCLED SODA CAPS (in our local vernacular, it's TANSAN)

I saw these cute mobile phone charms during my trip to Korea and I was instantly smitten. 

SODA CAPccessories!

Firstly, they're made of soda caps and I don't often see soda caps this way. I usually just see them as litter, but this time, they're painted (I'm guessing it's handpainted) with cool, colorful and even quirky but lovable designs,well, typically Korean. :) Needless to say, I purchased a lot!:D

mobile phone charm

When I got back to the Philippines, an idea struck me! These mobile phone charms can actually be converted to necklace pendants... hip and unique I should say!

as necklace pendant
Certified cutie, wouldn't you agree?:) But the good news is, you don't have to fly to Kimchiland to get something like this because I'm selling the ones I've bought (save for 2 designs for remembrance and personal use haha) via my newly opened online shop - *my GoSh* (Click this link)

Just to give you an idea on the shop's name, let me reiterate:

      a shop full of great finds!:)

GoSh - a combination of the first 2 letters of the cutie owner's name and the first 2 letters of the word "shop". Completing the brand name is the pronoun "my" to inspire each customer to treat the shop as his/her own for that more personal touch :)

 Oh ok, so much for *my GoSh*, well for now, I will still strive to make it the cutest one in this universe and I'm gonna blog about it, but while waiting for that to happen, enjoy these earth-friendly eye candies!

If you fancy one, c'mon don't be shy...go get it while it's still available! For more designs, please check out

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sandara Park - the New CUTIE Endorser of Etude House!:)

Sandara Park's initial claim to fame is her 2004 Star Circle Quest stint here in the Philippines. Though Korean by blood, she has charmed Filipinos with her "krung-krung" (or crazy) antics and how cute she says "Mahal ko kayo!" ("I love you all").
photo: random find on the internet
photo: random find on the internet

She eventually returned to her homeland in 2007 after which she transformed into Dara, the feisty member of Korea's famed girl group, 2NE1. Her dancing and singing prowess improved a lot from her SCQ days, and now she continues to set the stage on fire along with Bom, Minzy and CL.

photo: random find on the internet

And this 2011, Dara has been signed by Etude House, a wonderful Korean skincare and cosmetic brand, to be its newest endorser. She's become the face of Miss Tangerine, Etude House's new makeup line which is perfect for the sunny season ahead because of its pink, peach and orange hues.

courtesy of Etude House Phil.

Here is a the CF of Dara for Miss Tangerine and I must say, with this newest endorsement, she finally returns to her "just cute" self in which she was first known for. I just love love love Sandara!:D

Enjoy watching!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cutie Angel

I actually don't have to look far to encounter "cuteness". Why, the boyfie's lil sister, ANGEL, even on an ordinary day, in an ordinary spot, in her ordinary house clothes, she knows how to pose (God knows where, when and how she's learned how to pose haha) for the camera to produce extraordinarily cute snapshots :D

 That's Cutie Angel for you!:D

And the Cutie Lee Min Ho Diary Goes to.......:D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cutie Lee Min Ho Diary --- get it for FREE!!!!:D

No questions about it... LEE MIN HO, or Jun Pyo of Korea's famed Boys Over Flowers, is indeed an absolute CUTIE!

And so is the DIARY which bears his FACE on its front and back cover!:D 

Lee Min Ho says: YOU ARE MY GIRL :D

This is a limited edition item and you can only get it at Etude House when you purchase P2000 worth of products. So technically, this one costs P2000 haha, kidding! And I think as of writing time, Etude House doesn't give this diary as freebie anymore.

Anyway, I was lucky to have two diaries but until now, I couldn't get myself to put any trace of ink on any of the pages as I find 'em too pretty and precious! I just set them aside for posterity sake but just recently, my conscience started to bug me...oh well, I guess it would really be such a waste if TWO diaries would be left unused...

So my resolution is to just GIVE ONE DIARY to anyone who wants to have it! But to be fair, we'll determine who gets to have the diary through a raffle :D The mechanics maybe cliche-ish but it's the easiest I could think of haha, anyway, here's how it goes:

1. Be a follower of my blogs (I'm promoting them as well lol) - and

2. If you follow both blogs, you get 2 chances of winning the diary.

3. You may opt to follow just one of the blogs but I will give you only 1 entry to this promo :)

4. As a bonus, I will also follow the blogs of all my followers :)

5. Raffle date will be on February 14. We will determine then who gets to have LEE MIN HO as her date, well at least his photo haha.

6. Since I'll be shipping the diary for free, this promo is open to Philippines residents only. If you are from abroad, and you can provide a Philippine address where I can ship the diary, then you may join.:)

There, it's that simple! I really want to share this CUTIE DIARY with YOU so hope you will participate in my very first blog promo, and hopefully not the last :D