Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Segue to

Yesterday, out of the blue, I checked out and found out that I'm still included in their roster of poets hehe.I can't even remember when I submitted my somewhat highschoolish poem (because I wrote it when I was in highschool, well that explains my description haha), all I know is that a century has passed since I last visited the website.But hey, SUNSET's still there.(SUNSET, by the way, is the title of my "masterpiece" haha). I thought they'd delete it as part perhaps of site maintenance or something since for sure, a lot better poems have been submitted after mine was published.

Anyway, it feels soooooo good typing my full name - GOLDA KRISTY TABID on the blank space below (or is it beside, hmm let me check again) SEARCH POET and upon clicking the search button, VOILA, my poem appears before my eyes!:)

In, one can rate the poems published in the site. Well, I gave mine a rating of TEN (10)! Of course, I love my own masterpiece, though as I've said SUNSET's a bit highschoolish ahehe.:)

So to poets out there, why not submit your poem to and feel the unexplainable joy of seeing your work online!

And to everyone reading this post, visit the site and search for my poem and if it isn't much disturbance, kindly give it the highest rating nyahahaha..:)) Thanks in advance!

Of Fairy Tales and Reality Check...Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a lil girl so promising that everyone was convinced that she'd conquer the world when she grows up and eventually live happily ever after...
But when she did grow up, she discovered what a lie it was for her fairy tale didn't come true and she didn't live happily ever after...
Well, that was what she thought...(to be continued)