Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cutie Lee Min Ho Diary --- get it for FREE!!!!:D

No questions about it... LEE MIN HO, or Jun Pyo of Korea's famed Boys Over Flowers, is indeed an absolute CUTIE!

And so is the DIARY which bears his FACE on its front and back cover!:D 

Lee Min Ho says: YOU ARE MY GIRL :D

This is a limited edition item and you can only get it at Etude House when you purchase P2000 worth of products. So technically, this one costs P2000 haha, kidding! And I think as of writing time, Etude House doesn't give this diary as freebie anymore.

Anyway, I was lucky to have two diaries but until now, I couldn't get myself to put any trace of ink on any of the pages as I find 'em too pretty and precious! I just set them aside for posterity sake but just recently, my conscience started to bug me...oh well, I guess it would really be such a waste if TWO diaries would be left unused...

So my resolution is to just GIVE ONE DIARY to anyone who wants to have it! But to be fair, we'll determine who gets to have the diary through a raffle :D The mechanics maybe cliche-ish but it's the easiest I could think of haha, anyway, here's how it goes:

1. Be a follower of my blogs (I'm promoting them as well lol) - and

2. If you follow both blogs, you get 2 chances of winning the diary.

3. You may opt to follow just one of the blogs but I will give you only 1 entry to this promo :)

4. As a bonus, I will also follow the blogs of all my followers :)

5. Raffle date will be on February 14. We will determine then who gets to have LEE MIN HO as her date, well at least his photo haha.

6. Since I'll be shipping the diary for free, this promo is open to Philippines residents only. If you are from abroad, and you can provide a Philippine address where I can ship the diary, then you may join.:)

There, it's that simple! I really want to share this CUTIE DIARY with YOU so hope you will participate in my very first blog promo, and hopefully not the last :D