Saturday, December 11, 2010

Super Junior's Leeteuk is Such a CUTIE!♥

Call him Park Jung-su, Leeteuk, Teukie, Angel, whatsoever..HE is the leader of Asia's most popular and sought after boygroup of this generation and probably even beyond - Super Junior.
He possesses those cute dimples to begin with and that alone makes him cute. But aside from his physical cuteness, in his heart, he remains cute. He puts the other members before himself but his innate charm and talent do not stop him from getting noticed all the more. Yes he is the oldest among the 13-member group, he's actually almost 30.. but most of the time, he acts so silly and funny that he can pass for the maknae of the group. :D

photo source:

photo source:

I've randomly listed some of the reasons why for me, and surely for gazillions of girls out there,  Leeteuk is C-U-T-E:

(click on each statement :D)

These and many many many more are evidences of Leeteuk's cuteness. It's no wonder then that this singer/dancer/actor/tv host/radio host/endorser/brother/friend has charmed the whole universe, including me.

photo source: AngeLeeteuk facebook account

If only I could transform him into a keychain so I could always have him by my side :D

Canine Cuties...Taipei Edition

I went to Taipei for a vacation and came across with some cute dogs ...

These CANINE CUTIES really made my sightseeing all the more delightful :D

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cute Christmas "SNOWMAN NAILS"

Oh boy, the most joyous, the most heartwarming and my most favorite Season (not to mention my birthday season too) is definitely here! Help me spell it out :D    

C - H - R - I - S - T - M - A - S

And nothing can get any Christmas-y if you've got these uber uber uber cute nails...


This masterpiece of nails was created by Thiamere Brea, a Filipina who's into nail art and mind you, it's just a hobby of hers. But judging from this creation, she's definitely a pro!:D

Well, now that I'm staring at Snowman Nails, I can't help but wish I had this design on my nails too so even if Christmas air in the Philippines is not that chilly anymore  (thanks to global warming...but that's another story, and not even cute), I could still  imagine and feel that it is by merely looking at my own Snowman Nails. :D

This definitely deserves a spot in my Cuteness Galore blog. To find out how to do Snowman Nails, come let's take a peek at Thiamere's blog for the step by step here. Enjoy!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunbathing Kitty

One fine afternoon, I passed by a cute  kitty drenching itself in the warm rays of the sun..

in short, sunbathing :D

Hope it did not get too tan after haha :D

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Missing U Hand Cream (Etude House)

Variants: Fairy Penguin, Pink Dolphin, Harp Seal, Panda (photo from Etude House FB fan page)

This photo of MISSING U HAND CREAMS is actually what prompted me to create this blog. (As you see, this is the first ever post in this blog :D)

I realized that there's too much cuteness in this world that it would just be a pity if it would not be shared to everyone, hence, the birth of :D

I first saw the promotional photos &video of Missing U Hand Creams (check out Etude House Philippines Official FB fan page ) before the actual product but aaaaah...I was nevertheless smitten.

I already saw these cuties "in person" when I passed by Etude House Megamall and boy, they are even cuter in 3D. For some reason I was not able to buy but I'm going to get one soon for sure :D It's affordable, just P278 :D

Just a quick note, there's more to cuteness behind MISSING U products...As I've learned from the video, the animals characterized by the packaging of Missing U Hand Creams  ---  FAIRY PENGUIN, PINK DOLPHIN, HARP SEAL, PANDA ---are already endangered...sadly :( 

Etude House responds to the call of saving them by putting a portion of sales from Missing U Hand Cream to a some sort of animal foundation. Wow, such a noble endeavor.I do wish they, or we, would succeed in saving them so that our children and grandchildren and great great grandchildren would still come to know these animal friends.

For more info on MISSING U advocate, and for more of cuteness sighting, check out this video.