Monday, September 5, 2005


a Hum I project..:)

Rice plant bows its head
as if to thank the Heavens
for its heavy load...
Though worn-out and trite
lowly Slippers bear with pride
the burden of Feet...


to you, you know who you are...I unearthed this poem which I've composed on the impulse as I was thinking of you...:) corny no? hehe, twas Nov. 1, 2003...(take note of the year, you know who you are..:)

I don't want to lose you
but this can never be right
and so before I say the final adieu
i'll let myself be swallowed by the night
and when darkness falls in
you won't see me cryin'
you'll just hear my voice calling out to you
pretending that I don't love you...

Writer's Block...sigh...

Lately, I feel like I'm suffering from writer's block. You know, that feeling of not being able to express yourself properly in words, and damn, I just hate it! I know I have a lot to say, I know I have a lot to express, but I'm just having a difficult time. Probably, it's just because of my eternal busy bee disposition that I hardly have time to write, hence, resulting to the dormancy of my writing skills...sigh :(
Anyway, if it's any consolation, I browsed through my past masterpieces to remind me of those "glorious writing days", :) when I had all the luxury to put everything in words. And indeed, seeing those works made me wish that I could revive the writer in me! Oh boy. if only I had the time...