Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cute Soda CAPccessories :D

This could pass for a cute and fashionable means to save Mother Earth - RECYCLED SODA CAPS (in our local vernacular, it's TANSAN)

I saw these cute mobile phone charms during my trip to Korea and I was instantly smitten. 

SODA CAPccessories!

Firstly, they're made of soda caps and I don't often see soda caps this way. I usually just see them as litter, but this time, they're painted (I'm guessing it's handpainted) with cool, colorful and even quirky but lovable designs,well, typically Korean. :) Needless to say, I purchased a lot!:D

mobile phone charm

When I got back to the Philippines, an idea struck me! These mobile phone charms can actually be converted to necklace pendants... hip and unique I should say!

as necklace pendant
Certified cutie, wouldn't you agree?:) But the good news is, you don't have to fly to Kimchiland to get something like this because I'm selling the ones I've bought (save for 2 designs for remembrance and personal use haha) via my newly opened online shop - *my GoSh* (Click this link)

Just to give you an idea on the shop's name, let me reiterate:

      a shop full of great finds!:)

GoSh - a combination of the first 2 letters of the cutie owner's name and the first 2 letters of the word "shop". Completing the brand name is the pronoun "my" to inspire each customer to treat the shop as his/her own for that more personal touch :)

 Oh ok, so much for *my GoSh*, well for now, I will still strive to make it the cutest one in this universe and I'm gonna blog about it, but while waiting for that to happen, enjoy these earth-friendly eye candies!

If you fancy one, c'mon don't be shy...go get it while it's still available! For more designs, please check out

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