Saturday, August 25, 2007

Till the End...(grade 6 graduation song, our composition)

Our memory is so powerful that no matter how far we go or how much change we experience in our lives, we shall always recall the various chapters which made our times of yore, oh-so colorful and worth cherishing...

TILL THE END - is a song which I, together with my buddy Rae Bautista, composed for our elementary graduation at St. Scholastica's Academy Marikina, year 1996. For the longest time, this memory of mine remained concealed and I almost forgot about this. But yesterday, out of the blue, it crossed my mind!

And so, after 11 long years, our song will have its debut posting on the world wide web.:) The song's a bit cheezy and so simple though, but hey, we were just kids then. I just hope this will inspire my batchmates to walk down memory lane and remember the good old days. :)

* Note: I am relying on my memory here for the lyrics for I can't seem to find an existing copy, my yearbook (which published the song with one missing line in the chorus ) got lost..haha

...composed by Rae Bautista and Golda Kristy Tabid, arranged by Ms. Lapresca (our Grade 6 Music teacher)...

I. I still recall when you taught me, Things about life and how things must go, And I thank you for being there for me

II. You were the star that guided me, You were the song that made me sing, I'll cherish you for the things you've done for me

I'll remember the times we shared together
I'll think of the day we'll meet again
Coz I know somehow, we grew as friends
And we will cherish this till the end

III. I know it's time to say good-bye, I know it's hard but we've got to go, There's just so much ahead we're just about to start

IV. The roads we'll take may be apart, But all we've shared are in my heart, There's just enough to keep me hopin' and copin' coz I know...

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Coz I know somehow we grew as friends, And we will cherish till, cherish this till, And we will cherish this till the end...

**There! I've done it! My memory didn't fail me, I still know the lyrics! (and of course, the melody, though I want it re-arranged...hehe)


  1. Ahmmm....pare, may sample ka ba nito para naman marinig namin. hehehe... miss yah! :-) blinky doonna

  2. pare! mishu!:)) ehehe, sige pag di na ako shy, i'll let you listen to the song :))