Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Parang Nagseselos Ako...:)

Parang nagseselos ako.

[As much as I super duper (mega?) HATE to admit it...]

The problem is I don't know kung kanino.

I don't understand why I'm actually entertaining the feeling, when in fact my Dada's super loyal to me ( well, so far...) Probably, it's just the masochist in me that's imagining things and situations which could be so hurtful to me.

[As far as I know, I'm NEVER a selosa by nature!]

But still, parang nagseselos ako.

Could it be that I actually know her and I just wouldn't accept that she's the reason of this jealousy? Oh no! Aaargh!

Ever since, when it comes to matters of the heart, my instinct has always been right. I just wish this time, I'm wrong. I fervently pray that this is just a bad case of paranoia... or masochism... haha...

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