Friday, January 26, 2007

Back from the grave haha

I'm exuberant to announce that at this very moment, I have the rare luxury of time. Tasks for the day were just petty ones, not to mention that I'm the only one left of the Marketing Dept. in the office today...(manager's out of town, colleagues found their own "sidetrips" haha) An hour more and I'd be out of the office so I'm kinda relaxing here haha, waiting for the clock's hand to strike 7:30pm.:)

Tempting as it is but I'd rather not enumerate here all the updates in my life since I got back from the grave haha. I might not be able to stop coz it's been a while since I've come up with something here, and since I'm a bit "O.C." I might not get contented with mere summary, I might force myself to put in all the details until my fingers get weary, until my eyesight becomes glassy, until the computer forcibly shut down on its own. And then I'd be more concerned with my writing than my dinner and I'd prefer staying at the office overnight to wrap up today's entry than go home early...waaa...
Ok, ok such account's a bit exaggerated, forgive me haha. Anyway, simply put, forget other updates, I only have one to tell you. I'm happily in love right now.If before all you can read in this blog are expressions of heartache, pain and loss, it's different this time...indeed, God has blessed me so much that He allowed me to still have faith in love despite all the unpleasant experiences I had.

My Dada used to be just a "KUYA" but as fate would have it, circumstances brought us together and we crossed the boundary of friendship and love. He came at such time when I was giving up on love. And I believe that everything's part of God's wonderful plan. He made me feel the chaotic and hurtful side of love that I may appreciate more the relationship I have now, along with every emotion that comes with it.
Surely, my 8 months (and still counting) with Dada is not all, I should say, "bed of roses". As I mentioned in my other blog (, I've encountered numerous thorns which made me bleed but I know, God-willing, and with our conscious effort to fight for our love despite all odds, we will survive and that we would be together for always.:)

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